Hospitality Job Opportunities In The 21st Century

Career Trends In The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry Career OpportunitiesJust like with any kind of industry, the hospitality industry has trends too. If you are planning to have a career change and you are considering taking advantage of hospitality job opportunities that could be an easy thing to do. However, it is best that you are updated with the trends of the industry in the time being. So, here are some of the latest and to watch out for trends in the field of hospitality career.

Thank You For New Properties

Be on watch for new properties. These are said to drive employment growth in the coming years. The launching and opening of newly built high-end resorts along with their restaurants, hotels and other amenities would drive job growth for the industry in 2018 and years to come.

This is pretty good news for you. For instance, big hotels and properties usually need about 1,600 people to staff the place full time. Now, just think of how many new hotels and resorts would be opening in a year? That would definitely be a number of 1,600 staffs per hotel!

All-Inclusive Packages Means Jobs For You!

As you can observe, “All-Inclusive Packages” are the trend nowadays. So what does this mean? More job positions of course! Whether guests would need room service, a masseuse, or some help with game, the industry would have to hire lots of people just to pamper their guests.

It is undeniable that everybody gets their dose of stress once in a while. Because of this, people seek out to have a vacation. And when they do get a vacation, they want nothing else but to be babied, pampered and served!

Too Much For Cooking

Another seen trend is that culinary schools are everywhere nowadays. In fact, you could even see their ads on daytime television. So, what does this mean?—they’ll be producing tons of graduates of course! Hence, there would be more competition. So, if you think you don’t really have the heart for cooking, it would be best that you skip this kind of specialty and try to go for a different one.

Less For Management

If the industry is having an over supply for chefs, the contrary is happening for management. Unknown to many, there is a great need for managers in this industry. This is most especially true for food chains. Most companies are not in need for trained chefs anymore, but instead what they need are managers and supervisors that could efficiently deal with people, do the math and plan things right. So, if you think you have this knack, then why not try management for a change?

Go For Business Based Establishments

It is also better if you go for hotels that primarily serve businesses. If you’re working in a hotel that primarily serves individuals that book their vacation one week ahead then your company is more prone to travel slowdown. It is inevitable in this kind of trade that you encounter client back-outs and cancellations, which is why it is safer to go for business based establishments.

Those hotels that serve businesses are usually booked for conventions one year ahead. This trade has more security put to it than those depending on individuals. So, it is recommended that you carefully consider the type of company you’ll be applying for.

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