You Just Got Your CDL License – Now What?

You Got Your CDL to Drive A Truck, Now What?
Earning A CDL For Truck Driving.

Congratulations! You just completed and passed the instructional driving courses and earned your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). So now that you got your CDL license to drive a truck, what is your next step?

Unless you have a thing about big trucks and just wanted the license to say you have it, chances are you went to school and got your CDL because you want to be a truck driver. Luckily for you, there are a number of opportunities just waiting to be found. It is up to you to find the trucking jobs that best fit your needs.

Think about why you wanted to be a trucker in the first place. Was it to see the country? The salary? Do you enjoy the driving? What kind of truck or payload do you want to haul? Writing down everything you are looking for in trucking jobs will solidify things in your mind when you start your job hunt.

There are many avenues in which to pursue trucking jobs. First of all, check your local papers – both the dailies as well as the Sunday issues which usually have an extra classified section just for employment. Often times, trucking companies in your area that are seeking qualified licensed truck drivers will advertise available positions. Keep your eyes and ears open too. Billboards are becoming more popular, with trucking companies sometimes purchasing billboard space if they are in a big hiring push. Television ads and even posters displayed at libraries and other public places are other areas to keep an eye on.

The truck driving school where you trained and earned your CDL is another avenue to pursue in your quest for trucking jobs. Often times, a trucking company will post available positions in their company through the school’s connections. So you have to remember to ask because these are not always advertised!

The internet is also a major source for trucking jobs. There are tons of employment websites that cater to helping you find a job. Most of them do not specialize in truck driving. However, with a few web searches, you can come up with some sites that do. Another internet option is researching the trucking companies themselves. Perhaps you know of a few trucking companies in your area. Look them up and see if they have trucking jobs on their website.

Searching for trucking jobs is the easy part. The hard part is determining which trucking company is the right one for you. You might have to move to a different area or travel to places that you prefer not to go. Think about those issues as well as the reputation of the trucking company and the benefits and salary. Your decision will mark the start of a new life and career for you.